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You can get sample files to test PileLine GUI in our Sample data. The following table shows which files are required for which functionality:

Functionality Files Description
Somatic mutation calling

(2-smc and n-smc) (36MB) (36MB) (38MB) (38MB)

For 2-smc you need at least Control1 and Case1 files. For n-smc, you need all.

NOTE: This files have only information for the chromosome 10

Filter and annotation (237MB) (365KB)

These files provide annotation and location for genes (Ensembl) and SNPs (dbSNP). You need to load the reference genome firstly.
Genome Browser (929MB) Reference human genome (hg18). This file is required to use PileLine's genomic browser. Once it has been load then you can add tracks with GP data or annotation files.
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