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You can download the latests release of PileLine tools in


PileLine toolkit (command-line)


  1. Operating Systems: Windows, Unix-like (Linux, Mac OSX)
  2. Java 1.6
  3. Apache Ant 1.7 (Optional. Needed for building the source code)

Installation & Running

  1. Uncompress the downloaded pileline tar.gz file
  2. Inside the ./cmd folder, there are Unix-compatible (.sh) and Windows-compatible (.bat) scripts to launch the different tools.

Building from sourcecode (optional)

1. You need to install [Subversion] in your system.

2. Download the latest source code (trunk) in the current directory

svn co pileline

3. Building.

cd pileline

Just type "ant" in a console inside the main directory of PileLine

PileLine GUI (Graphical front-end + genome browser)

The PileLine GUI project is under development. Comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome: Send an email to Daniel Gonzalez-Peña, (dgpena at


  1. Java 1.6


Launch the installer via Java Web Start, by clicking the "Launch" button

Version 1.3 (29/07/2011)

Version 1.2 (27/04/2011)

Version 1.2-beta1 (20/04/2011)

Version 1.1

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