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Here you can find some files to test PileLine and PileLine GUI. All files are compressed. You need to uncompress them before use.

File Type Description (929MB) Genome (.fa and .fai) Human Genome 18 in FASTA (.fa) and indexed FASTA (.fai). The sequence names are without the 'chr' prefix. (36MB) (36MB) (38MB) (38MB)

Genotype data (.pileup) Several genotyped samples. each .zip file contains 2 files: a complete and a variants-only pileup.

Note: there is only data for the chromosome 10 (365KB) Gene annotation (.bed file) Ensembl Genes for the Human Genome 18 (150MB) SNP annotation (custom in compressed (bgz) BED format) SNPs from dbSNP version 36.3 for the Human Genome 18
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