Download Differential Expression Workflow Executor (DEWE) for RNA-Seq resources

DEWE software is available for many platforms, both for Windows, Linux or MAC OS X. As it runs within a controlled environment such as Docker, its installation is much simpler for the final user. Also, a controlled environment Virtual Machine ready for execution is available for download. In addition to installers, two example datasets are available to be downloaded: Homo sapiens chrX dataset and HCC1395 dataset.
DEWE source code is available on Github:

  • moDCs dataset

  • Monocytes vs moDCs conditions
  • Monocytes and moDCs samples
  • Download (14.2 GB)
  • H. Sapiens chrX dataset

  • Male vs female conditions
  • Chromosome X samples
  • Download (2.2 GB)
  • HCC1395 dataset

  • Normal vs tumoral conditions
  • Chromosome 22 samples
  • Download (407 MB)