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Mass-Up Download and Installation

Instaler Mass-Up v1.0.14 Installers

Windows and Linux users can download the Mass-Up installer in order to make a local installation of Mass-Up.

Windows-Logo Installer for Windows users
Windows 32 bits (x86) 
Windows 64 bits (x64) 
Download and run setup.exe to install Mass-Up.
Windows-Logo Portable for Windows users
Windows 32 bits (x86) 
Windows 64 bits (x64) 
Download, uncompress and execute the run.bat file to run Mass-Up.
Linux-Logo Linux users
Linux 32 bits (x86) 
Linux 64 bits (x64) 
Download, uncompress and execute the file to run Mass-Up.

Old releases and source code can be found at SourceForge.

Version history

Here you can found two MALDI-TOF MS datasets which can be used as input for Mass-Up.

Wine Dataset Wine dataset (raw) (28.1 MB)
Wine dataset (raw, in mzXML format) employed in Julio Dinis de Miranda et. al. 2012:
Direct matrix assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry-based analysis of wine as a powerful tool for classification purposes
Nunes-Miranda JD, Santos HM, Reboiro-Jato M, Fdez-Riverola F, Igrejas G, Lodeiro C and Capelo JL (2012) Talanta 91: 72-76
Cancer Dataset Cancer dataset (preprocessed) (0.1 MB)
Cancer dataset (preprocessed) employed in R. López-Cortés et. al. 2012:
Fast human serum profiling through chemical depletion coupled to gold-nanoparticle-assisted protein separation.
López-Cortés R, Oliveira E, Núñez C, Lodeiro C, Páez de la Cadena M, Fdez-Riverola F, López-Fernández H, Reboiro-Jato M, Glez-Peña D, Capelo JL and Santos HM (2012) Talanta 100: 239-245.

Virtualbox Mass-Up v1.0.14 Virtual Machine

Mac OS and other operating systems users can run a pre-configured virtual machine for Mass-Up. Download Lubuntu 13.04 (32 bits) Virtual Machine (~2 GB) with a copy of Mass-Up already installed.

Run the virtual machine (you will need Virtual Box) and launch the preinstalled Mass-Up that you will find in the desktop.

If you have some trouble installing the Mass-Up VM, you can check our Mass-Up VM - Quick Installation Guide.

MASSyPup(64) MASSyPup(64)

Mass-Up is included in MASSyPup(64), the Mass Spectrometry Live Linux. MASSyPup(64) is a Puppy Linux based Live distribution with is focused on the analysis of mass spectrometry data. The system runs from DVD, USB and hard drive (with or without installation). , running completely from RAM (if there is sufficient memory available) and therefore it is extremely fast. The distribution contains many programs for mass spectrometry data conversion, data processing, mass spectrometry imaging (MSI), metabolomics and proteomics and latest version includes Mass-Up.