Entry Query Sequence


Enter an amino acid sequence to search in our bioactive peptides database. It would be advisable that this sequence is more than 8 amino acids to make the search more accurate. For example: KIGKKIERVVGQHTRDA



You can search only in our reference data section and/or in our in silico data section. But you must select at least one.

In silico peptides threshold

If you select the in silico data section, you can filter them by their potential bioactivity.



You can also filter your search by the bioactivity of the resulting peptides. These are immunomodulatory, anti-inflamatory, anti-angiogenic, anti-proliferative, apoptosis, migration/adhesion, cytotoxic or unknown bioactivity. You must select at least one.

BLAST options

Number of alignments
Expected value
Window size
Word size
Best hit overhang
Best hit score edge
Gap extend
Gap open


Ten configurable parameters for executing BLAST. Look at the NCBI documentation in case you have questions about setting these parameters. Best hit parameters value 0 indicates the non-use of these parameters.
Shown values are default NCBI BLASTP values.
If viewing the NCBI BLAST documentation still has doubts, please, contact us via the feedback form.