Free download and install Markyannotation software


Marky needs to function Apache,PHP 5.5 and database manager as MySQL,Oracle or PostgreSQL. If you want to use another database than MySQL, you must adapt the SQL file to the database manager your precise

A) Download and Install Marky

We provide two versions of Marky for windows. Full version includes an internal Web server like Xampp. Light version only has the files and folders needed for the copy in your www folder. You just need to put Marky folder in the www folder of your server and then configure your database.

WindowsWindows Users
Xampp Version
Light Version
Copy Marky in Apache folder or execute xampp_start.exe and go to
LinuxLinux Users
Light Version Copy Marky in Apache folder
MacMac/Other Users
Light Version Copy Marky in Apache folder

Install Marky in your database

If you have installed MySQL just need to download the following SQL script and run it your database

marky.SQLInstall Sql

if you have another database manager than mySQL you should create your own script creation. This is a snapshot that can help you

Marky entity relationshipRelationship Entity

Sample Data

Following sample data can be used to test Marky.

Sample DataExamples.rar

Version History

beta v1.0.0 (4 June 2013)
  • Base marky.
v2.0.0 (29 January 2014)
  • Marky metro
  • Better performance
  • Fixed some errors
  • New features: F-score agreement,find word to annotate,etc
v2.1.0 (16 February 2014)
  • Fixed some errors
  • Progress bar in the agreement features
v2.3.0 (25 March 2014)
  • Fixed some errors
  • New functionality! Generate consensus
  • New functionality! Export documents and annotations
  • New functionality! Export results
  • New functionality! Automatic annotation of words
  • New functionality! View Documents Annotated
  • Descriptions with HTML
  • New project view interface
v2.3.0 (25 September 2014)
  • Fixed some errors
  • Documment assessment and Rate
  • Underlined in scoring with answers

Below are links to the various software recommended to work with Marky

Apache (5 MB)
PHP 5.5 (22 MB)
MySQL (170.6 MB)
Apache (5 MB)
PHP 5.5 (12 MB)
MySQL (285 MB)
PHP 5.5 (installation manual)
MySQL (156 MB)