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Differential Expression Workflow Executor (DEWE) for RNA-Seq software.

A bioinformatic tool to perform genetic differential expression analysis of RNA-Seq data.

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What We Offer

These are the main advantages that DEWE for RNA-Seq offers its users

User-friendly interface

A key feature of DEWE is the interactive results management and visualisation. The main results of the execution of a built-in workflow are the outputs provided by Ballgown or edgeR. These outputs are automatically visualised in DEWE after the workflow execution and they can be reopened at any later time.

Built-in workflows

DEWE offers built-in, easy-to-configure workflows that facilitate the execution of DE analyses. Currently, DEWE provides two differential expression analysis workflows: HISAT2, StringTie and R libraries (Ballgown and edgeR) and Bowtie2, StringTie and R libraries (Ballgown and edgeR).


DEWE is available under two different installation methods: through a Docker container or through the use of a Virtual Box Machine. The Docker installers are available for the following operating systems: Windows 7 or higher, Linux with 3.10 kernel minimum and Mac OS X "Mountain Lion" or newer