SEDA (SEquence DAtaset builder) is an open source application for processing FASTA files containing DNA and protein sequences.

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Among other functions, SEDA allows you to:

  • Filter sequences based on different criteria (including text patterns).
  • Translate nucleic acid sequences into amino acid sequences.
  • Execute Blast analyses.
  • Remove duplicated sequences.
  • Sort, merge, split or reformat files.


SEDA is a multi-platform application, this means that there are available distributions for Windows and GNU/Linux based operating systems.

SEDA is also open-source with license GPLv3.

For developers

Programmers can take advantage of the SEDA core to develop new operations to process FASTA files.

In addition, SEDA has a plugin-based architecture, so new functions can be added to the SEDA GUI through plugins.

Works using SEDA: