MultiTasking Cubes

MultiTasking Cubes (MTC) is a project for developing a tool that may be used for cognitive rehabilitation, based on the therapeutic game Memodado, developed by Adolfo Piñón Blanco1.

The MTC project provides the web application where patients can play the sessions assigned by their therapist. This project was partially funded by the INOU17-04 project from the Provincial Council of Ourense and the University of Vigo.

1Piñón-Blanco, A. (2010). Memodado. ISBN 13: 978-84-608-1120-6. Cadiz: Universidad de Cádiz - Instituto de formación interdisciplinar.


Pubdown is a practical search engine that, in an intuitive way, allows making a query against PubMed or Scopus databases, retrieving the list of available papers and downloading their full PDF texts into a local repository. Available PDF papers are then processed and plain text is extracted.

Furthermore, the tool provides a registration and surveillance system to detect and download new web documents that correspond to the search criteria, in the coming days and weeks.


B+ is both a data repository and a convenient interface to look at the information contained in ADOPS projects without the need to download and unzip the corresponding ADOPS project file.

The ADOPS projects available at B+ can also be downloaded, unzipped, and opened using the ADOPS graphical interface. This database aims to improve results repeatability, promote data reuse with significant savings on the time needed for preparing datasets, and allows further exploration of the data contained in ADOPS projects effortlessly.


bicycle (bisulfite-based methylcytosine caller) is a next-generation sequencing bioinformatic pipeline aimed to analyze whole genome bisulfite sequencing data. It can process data from directional (Lister) and non-directional (Cokus) bisulfite sequencing protocols, and from single-end and paired-end sequencing, and performs methylation calls for cytosines in CG and non-CG contexts (CHG and CHH).

bicycle uses as input the bisulfite sequencing files from the different samples (FASTQ format) and a reference genome (FASTA format). It then performs: generation and indexing of Watson and Crick bisulfited versions of the reference genome, in-silico bisulfitation of sequenced reads, read alignment, error estimation in bisulfite conversion, identification of clonal and ambiguous reads, cytosine methylation detection in CG and non-CG contexts, with non-CG to CG context correction when appropriated, calculates methylation ratios, beta scores and weighted mean of cytosine methylation status, and performs genomic annotation of methylated regions, and differential methylation for cytosines (DMC) and genomic regions (DMR).

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