JaBaCats is now a command line aplicattion witch can generate root Certificate Authority certificates easily and store them on PKCS12 (.pfx or .p12) and / or CER format. It's usefull for compatibility with the most popular software. JaBaCats can easily generate a keypair, store the private key in a pfx file and generate a PKCS10 Certificate Request file (.DER). JaBaCATs is able to sign PKCS10 certificate request files (.DER) and generate the (.CER) user file without know the user private key. JaBacats can generate Certificate Revocation Lists and store it in .CRL files in order to revocate certificates.



SpamHunting is a spam filtering software written in Java that outperforms the functionality achieved by other well known spam filtering software. The base model of this software has been developed keeping in mind intrinsic characteristics of the spam concept such as drift and disjoint.

Grindstone for spam

Grindstone for Spam1.0 is an open source, lightweight tool set designed to aid on develop SpamAssasintm based filters and improve the general performance of them. It includes features such as optimization of scores asigned to rules, offline evaluation of filter, reduction of unuseful terms stored at bayes database and offline regex evaluation. The toolkit has been developed using Perl, C and bash scripting.

Wirebrush for spam

Wirebrush for SPAM is an extreme efficient spam filtering middleware based on the SpamAssassin technology. The framework has been completely developed in C and using the same plugin architecture and rule scheme than SpamAssassin.


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