BioSearch is an application software aimed at supporting biomedical research. It is focused on helping researchers deal with big amounts of biomedical information, by providing a tool that carries out automatic search, retrieval and integration of biomedical information, and annotation and classification of medical articles.

PUWI: PHP Unit Web Interface

PUWI (PHPUnit Web Interface) is a tool that provides a web interface to PHPUnit framework. This tool is intended to be executed in local environment. It's necessary to have a web server with PHP support (e.g. Apache HTTP) in order to install it. Users launch this application from their own PHP projects and web browser is immediately opened showing results for each unit test executed. In addition, PUWI allows to:

  • Re-execute unit tests.
  • Handle results visibility (show only failed tests).

Java TraceIt!

Java TraceIt! Is a debugger and optimizer for Java programs developed mainly in Java. It was the result of a Project developed at the School of Computer Engineering of Ourense during the course 2002 to 2003. Today we are working on it so it becomes a Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment) fully functional.

SDS: Smart Drug Search

SDS (Smart Drug Search) is an advanced search engine for the screening of up-to-date information on drug-related experimental studies. A small search engine demo indexing articles on antimicrobial peptide research is available at http://​sing.​ei.​uvigo.​es/​sds/​.

Moreover, a public REST API is provided, free of any charge, in order to allow external applications to integrate any of the features that SDS provides. The RESTful API enables the use of the searchable collection by different user interfaces whereas text mining tools support domain-specific document labeling, scoring and indexing.

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