Gleukos is a new public Web-based resource that aims to provide a comprehensive portrait of the glycolytic abilities of bacteria, in articular those encrypted in the protein complement of the human microbiome.

This project addresses the understanding of human gastrointestinal microbiota and its role in human physiology. Large amount of data point to the involvement of intestinal bacteria in the initiation and amplification of inflammatory diseases, an in the maintenance of a healthy state. This has been driven by new evidence of the crucial role played by these communities in host health, and by accelerated progress based on new -omics methodologies. Many scientific publications support dysbiosis as one of the causes (or consequences) of gastrointestinal disorders. Our hypothesis is that a bioinformatics approach is suitable for generating the proper experimental conditions that allow the cultivation of specific groups of strict gut anaerobes that are underrepresented in gastrointestinal disorders.


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