Compi is an extremely simple application framework for portable computational pipelines. A computational pipeline can be seen as a set of processing steps that run one after one (or ocassionally in parallel if they are independent). There are many fields where computational pipelines constitute the main architecture of applications, such as big data analysis or bioinformatics. Many pipelines combine third party tools along with custom made processes, conforming the final pipeline. Compi is the framework helping you to create the final - and portable - application.

The main features of Compi are:

  • Language agnostic: Compi pipelines are defined in XML, where each task is run in an external program written in any programming language.
  • Portable: thanks to Docker, pipelines can be packaged in a docker image along with their dependencies, making them really portable.
  • User interface generation: if you define your pipeline with Compi, a Command-Line user interface is provided for your users to run your pipeline.
  • Parallel execution: Compi pipelines run independent tasks in parallel, but you don't have to worry about parallel execution management, Compi does it for you.

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