Java TraceIt!

Java TraceIt! Is a debugger and optimizer for Java programs developed mainly in Java. It was the result of a Project developed at the School of Computer Engineering of Ourense during the course 2002 to 2003. Today we are working on it so it becomes a Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment) fully functional.

What can I do with itl?
Java TraceIt! presents the following main functions:
  • Font code view of the Java code going to be debugged.
  • Setting of breakpoints.
  • Step over, step into, step out.
  • Depth through view of the memory during the stopped situations. (threads, activation records, local variables).
  • On-runtime set of basics types of variables. (int, char, float, boolean...).
  • Profiling functions: A memory analizer was implemented which lets you: watch the number of instances of a class, kb used by each class, launch the garbage colector...

How does it work?
The developement of the program was mainly based on two of the resources available on the Sun Microsystems web site

  • JDI (Java Debug Interface). Is the Java API at the top level of the architecture JPDA (Java Platform Debugger Architecture).

  • JVMPI (Java Virtual Machine Profiler Interface). Is an specification to develop native modules for the JVM which adds new functions to it. Those functions are focused on profiling activities, that is, control (memory status, CPU...).

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