When a developer is using secure protocols such as SSL he needs certificates in order to be able to autenticate the identity of the server.

Some tools sush as Java Keytool, can generate this certificates but there is not any way to generate a root Certificate Authority certificate and use it for sign another user certificates. It should be usefull to mentioned developers.

Java Keytool is able to save certificates and public/private keys in containers called JKS (Java Key Store). This containers are not compatible with other software such as Internet navigators (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Mozilla Phoenix, Netscape, Opera).

JaBaCats is now a command line aplicattion witch can generate root Certificate Authority certificates easily and store them on PKCS12 (.pfx or .p12) and / or CER format. It's usefull for compatibility with the most popular software. JaBaCats can easily generate a keypair, store the private key in a pfx file and generate a PKCS10 Certificate Request file (.DER). JaBaCATs is able to sign PKCS10 certificate request files (.DER) and generate the (.CER) user file without know the user private key. JaBacats can generate Certificate Revocation Lists and store it in .CRL files in order to revocate certificates.

So, this tool can, nowadays, generate all the necesary files that both the Certificate Authority and User, need. We are currently using RSA/MD5 algoritms for generate keys. We are working in order to let user and C.A. choose their favorite Critographic and Hash algoritms.

This software is capable of generate Cp852 Charset Encoding certificates in order to view all characters when install it in a Microsoft Operating System.

We are looking for PKCS8 implementation in order to store private keys while you are waiting for CA sign your certificate request. Certificate request module does not work properly. We are working hard about it.

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