PathJam is a public tool which provides an intuitive and user-friendly framework for biological pathway analysis of human gene lists. This server integrates pathway-related annotations from several public sources (Reactome, KEGG, Biocarta, etc) making easier the understanding of gene lists of interest.


Using PathJam you will obtain interactive graphs linking genes and pathway annotations, exportable tables (.txt, .xls) including the annotations for your lists and useful plots showing the connectivity, in terms of pathways activity, for the genes.

PathJam has been thought to produce compatible outputs with well-established analysis methods (i.e. GSEA .gmx format) and can be used as a widget in CARGO server.

Currently, 6078  genes are indexed from 1470  pathways, available from
kegg (206 pathways)
nci (84 pathways)
biocarta (254 pathways)
reactome (926 pathways)

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