AIBench is a lightweight, non-intrusive, MVC-based Java application framework that eases the connection, execution and integration of operations with well defined input/output. This basic idea provides a powerful programming model to fast develop applications given that:

  • The logic can be decoupled from the user interface.
  • The interconnection of operations can also be decoupled based in the idea of “experiments”.
  • The programmer is forced to “think-before-program”, easing the code reuse.

 AiBench was created focused in the easiness of building new operations. To achieve this objective, the design was made following these principles:

  1. Default-driven. The programmer of Operations should see them running with the minimum amount of code. The framework should provide smart defaults for each option that can be fine-tuned in the future.
  2. Design independent of the problem. AiBench was made inside a research group focused in the data-mining/AI field, but there is not any concept related with that field in the classes, interfaces or annotations of this framework. AiBench is, in fact, data-type agnostic, the programmer provides his data-types through his own classes.

The applications of AiBench are not limited, but it specially fits well in the data-mining/AI field, because every day there are new operations and data-types that need to be tested and integrated with the existing ones. In the next sections, you will find how to create operations for this simple, but powerful framework.

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