Antimicrobial Combination Network

There is a growing interest in the use of antimicrobial synergistic combinations as a strategy to increase the antimicrobial spectrum, potentiate the efficacy, prevent the emergence of resistance, fight the increased resistance of MDR strains, and reduce toxicity and other side effects.

This tool presents the first ever network reconstruction of AMP-drug combinations, and details results obtained for the treatment of infections caused by the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa, one of the most studied pathogenic microorganisms. This reconstruction led to the development of an integrated curation pipeline that combines text mining, manual curation and graph analysis methods and techniques.

The aim is to provide a global view of the available interaction data and thus help design new antimicrobial studies. As such, reconstruction is on-going, coping with new experimental results for P. aeruginosa and will be shortly extended to other meaningful microbial pathogens.


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