Anália Lourenço, PhD

Head Researcher

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Biomedical literature mining, genome-scale model reconstruction & biological network analysis
Tel: + 34 988 387029
Fax: + 34 988 387001
skype: analia
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Virtual campus: Room 1020

Anália Lourenço studied Computer Science at the University of Minho, Portugal. In 2007, she obtained a PhD degree in Computer Science (domains of Data Mining and Data Warehousing) from the University of Minho. Till 2012, she worked as Postdoctoral researcher and Research Fellow in the Centre of Biological Engineering at the University of Minho, where she specialised in the fields of Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Systems Biology.

Nowadays, she teaches the subjects of Knowledge Engineering, Information Systems, Strategic Information Systems and Project-based Learning in the School of Computer Engineering at the University of Vigo and is a senior member of the SING group.

Her current research interests include:

  • Systems Biology and Computational Biology:
    • large-scale data modelling and integration, data quality and systematic data curation
    • network mining
    • biological simulation
  • Cross-Cutting Computational Methods and Bioinformatics Infrastructures:
    • literature mining, controlled vocabularies and ontologies
    • knowledge-based data integration workflows and frameworks
    • biological data mining and visualisation
    • Web-based applications, databases, services and tools


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