What is BiMS?

BiMS (biclustering for mass spectrometry data) is a Java application designed to allow the application of biclustering algorithms to mass spectrometry datasets.

Users can load their MS datasets and apply different clustering and biclustering algorithms (current version includes Bimax and BiBit). In adition, users can load raw datasets (in mzML or mzXML formats) and preprocess them using MALDIquant package and MassSpecWavelet.

Download BiMS (or take the VM with BiMS already installed and configured) and try it now.


Citing BiMS

If you use BiMS, please, cite this article:

H. López-Fernández, M. Reboiro-Jato, Sara C. Madeira, Rubén López Cortés, J. D. Nunes-Miranda, H. M. Santos, Florentino Fdez-Riverola, Daniel Glez-Peña
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